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26 November 2013 @ 09:23 pm
First day on the job (where I legitimately work instead of shadowing people like a lame ninja) and I forget my lunch.  Now, Pasadena does have great food but it comes at a price and it takes a lot of time to prepare. My lunch is only forty five minutes. I SOOO do not have time to wander around for a fast food joint. Thank the gods I had money in my purse because there was a vending machine. And the prices date back to the 90s. You know, when they were reasonable. So I got a bag of flaming hot cheeto puffs, a sprite, and some water all for two dollars. How awesome is that?! But an eight hour shift with only that in my stomach and two cups of coffee? Is it any wonder I came home and consumed half my cupboards contents? Thus far I have inhaled a bowl of soup, a salad, pita with hummus, and a ton of ice cream.  I am deep in the depths of a food coma. Doesn't help matters that I'm sitting on a heating pad.

My butt is so warm *snuggle**snuggle**snuggle*

All I need is alcohol and the circle of food groups is complete. 
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